Zenith N392V



One of only five built, N392V is a 1929 Z6A Zenith biplane, the third one built, and only A model.

Seating up to 6 passengers in a cabin ahead of the pilot,

the Zenith could also carry a lot of baggage.

The Zenith's have an interesting and nearly unknown history.

 One was lost in Mexico, one in Alaska,

the others are missing in action, and only 392V survives.

She was flown by Bennett Air Transport of Boise Idaho,


transporting most anything  that would fit through the door, including a cow.

Later it was converted to spray-plane use in Idaho.


Purchased at auction by John Mullen in 1986 and brought to St. Louis,

Zenith 392V is now owned by Al Stix and John Cournoyer of St Louis.





30' 10"
Height 10' 10"
Chord 6'

Empty Wt.

2845 lbs

Gross Wt.

4394 lbs

Max Cruise

150 mph


125 mph


58 mph


1,130 fpm

Fuel Capacity

98 gal.


April 2001   Fuselage is covered

May 2001   Fuselage is painted


October 2001   Cockpit

November  2001  Engine hooked up


December 2001  Fitting cowling

December 2001   Cowling finished

February 2002   Fuselage is ready for the landing gear.



Interior is finished


Tail is fitted and ready for cover

Brandyn covering an elevator


Getting closer piece by piece.  For size comparison Brandyn is 5'10" tall.


Vertical tail is finished


Wing covered and one finished in the background

Brandyn lacing the ribs


Waiting for the paint shop

Brandyn sanding the tail


Horizontal tail and one aileron finished

Putting fabric on the 3rd wing

Poly-Brush going on lower right wing

Finished wing

Covering the last wing

Rib lacing on last wing

Covering the LAST piece

Color going on the last wing

Wings nearly on

Wings are on

All the big pieces assembled

Ed Burnet is A. A. Bennett's nephew and has many childhood memories of this aeroplane.


The big kid making airplane noises

The big WASP is buzzing again !!  (Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340 550hp)

Moving under its own power for the first time in 40 years
The second time It is roaring this time




June 29, 2004

John entered the presence of the LORD

He is  missed by all.





( 4 years later )



Here we go !!   


Back on the ground

Can we do it again !! ??

Details all finished Let's go someplace
  How about Oshkosh !!!!
2008  Outstanding Open Cockpit Biplane On the way  home

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