1929 Curtiss Robin

Curtiss Robin NC9223 was originally powered with a 165 HP Curtiss Challenger motor.

It has been re-powered with a 225 HP Lycoming R-680 which greatly improves performance and reliability.

It was on loan to the Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum and successfully evacuated before the flood of 1993.

It was subsequently dismantled for recover but put into storage. It will now be refinished for permanent display in the museum.

The restoration will include modifications to represent " The GREATER ST. LOUIS " endurance record aeroplane of 1930.


Going into the shop Motor coming off
Firewall and instrument panel stripped Undercarriage removed
  Mounted on repair stand ready to get started
Mounted on repair stand ready for cleanup and repair  
Painting in progress Painting finished
Exhaust installed Rear view waiting to be installed
Fuselage ready for covering Installing headliner
Finished headliner Interior finished
Fabric cover on the top Right side ready to trim to size
First coat of color  


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